Research Areas

  • Dr.  Ahmad Y. Khasawneh Corporate Finance, Banking Management, Risk Management and Monetary Finance.
  • Dr. Khaled Mh’d Alzubi: Portfolio Management, Financial Crisis Management, Banking Management and Financial Markets.
  • Dr. Samer A.M.Alrjoub: Investment, Risk Management, Macroeconometric modeling, System Dynamics in Economic and Financial Models, Asset Pricing Models and Simulation-Based Econometric Methods.   
  • Mr. Maher M. S. Sharrab: Cash management, Foreign exchange operations and Bank management.
  • Mrs. Abla Said Soud Tahtamouni: Financial Analysis, Credit Risk , Analysis of Stock Markets ,  Portfolio Management and Risk Management
  • Mr. Hussam Qassem Azzam: Corporate finance and International markets
  • Zyad Marashdeh: Corporate Governance , Corporate Finance and Financial Markets
  • Mrs. Noor Mousa Al-Sa'di: Risk management and  Financial analysis