Research areas

Dr. Ebrahim Mansour: AIS. AI And Accounting., IPSAS, IFRS, And ERM

Dr. Haitham Haloush: Construction Law, Electronic Arbitration

Dr. Walid Masadeh: Financial Accounting, IFRS, GAAP, Forensics Accounting, Management Accounting Change and Organizational Changes

Dr. Ahmed Omush: Financial Accounting, Performance Measures, Earnings Management, Stock Performance, Management Accounting

Dr. Ali Massadeh: Competition Law; Anti Cartel Policies; Abuse of Dominant Position; Assessment Of Authorities Enforcement Policies; Company Law, Commercial Papers And Banking Transactions.

Dr. Ahmad Alhusban: Contract Law, Commercial Law, E-Commerce Law, Consumer Protection, Consumer Contract, Intellectual and Commercial Property, Company Law, EU Law, Civil Law, Islamic Law, and Legal Research Methods

Dr. Abdallah Alzoubi: Corporate Governance, Board of Directors, Behavioral Decision Making And Group Decision Making

Dr. Adel Almasarwah: Earnings Management, IFRS, Corporate Governance, Auditing

Dr. Monther Alnamier: Management Accounting Practices, Corporate Governance, Management Risk, Management Performance, Accounting Education

Dr. Hashem Alshurafat: Forensic Accounting Applications, Education, And Regulation, ITforensics, Professionalism Theory, Accounting Education, Fraud Triangle Theory, Corporate Governance Issues Related to Corporate Philanthropy.

Dr. Firas Dahmash: Intangible Assets, Value Relevance, Valuation, Cost of Capital, Financial Accounting

Dr. Salah Alkaeed: Earnings Management, Tone Management, Narrative Disclosure, Impression Management