Research Areas


Research areas of the department's faculty members cover many aspects and include the following:

Analytical Chemistry Division includes:

Electrochemistry (electroanalysis, modified electrodes, electrocatalysis, corrosion inhibition, etc...)

Environmental analytical chemistry

Development of new analytical methods

Pharmaceutical analysis


Prof. Jamal A.S. Sweileh

Prof. Amjad. H. M El- Sheikh            Lab Info 

Dr. Ayman A. A. Issa                        Lab Info 

Dr. Yahya S. A. Al-Degs                   Lab Info 

Dr. Ismail I.M. Alfasfous                  Lab Info 

Dr. Jafar I. M. Abdelghani                Lab Info

Dr. Zaher A. A. Algharaibeh             Lab Info


Inorganic Chemistry Division includes:

Coordination chemistry (synthesis, characterization, transition metals, applications, development of new analytical methods) 

Green chemistry and environmental studies

Development of new analytical methods

Metal organic frameworks MOFs and covalent organic frameworks


Material chemistry

Polymers and molecularly imprinted polymers MIP


Prof. Ahmad S. A. Abu-Shamleh       Lab Info 

Prof. Adnan M. S. Abu-Surrah           Lab Info 

Prof. Mousa Z. Q. Noaimi                  Lab Info 

Dr. Mahmoud S. A. Sunjuk                Lab Info

Dr. Hajem F. T. Bataineh                    Lab Info


Organic Chemistry Division includes:

Heterocyclic chemistry (synthesis and charachterization)

Carbohydrate chemistry



Prof. Kayed A.Z. Abu Safieh              Lab Info

Dr. Bader A. B. Salameh                    Lab Info 

Dr. Abdullah I . Y . Saleh                   Lab Info 

Dr. Majed H. M. Shtaiwi                    Lab Info

Dr.  Eyad Ahmad M. Younes           Lab Info 


Physical Chemistry Division includes:


Theoretical chemistry (Computational analysis and calculations, computer simulations, etc...)

Reaction mechanisms.


Kinetic studies.

Laser spectroscopy.



Prof. Hamzeh . M .A .Abdel-Halim              Lab Info

Prof. Musa I. M. El-Barghouthi                  Lab Info

Dr. Jamal . N. E. Dawoud                           Lab Info 

Dr. Ala' Fakhri A. Z. Eftaiha                       Lab Info 

Dr. Lubna Ryad M. Al Rawashdeh           Lab Info