In the field of scientific research:
- The faculty members in the Department of Special Education have published many research papers in the field of special education in specialized scientific journals.
- Translated and issued the "Handbook for Supporting Autistic People in Times of Emergency Crises" to be distributed free of charge to families and people working with children with disabilities during COVID-19  (Dr. Ghalib Al-Hiyari). 
- In cooperation with the Child Education Department, establishment of the first inclusive kindergarten in Jordan with the support of UNICEF. 
- The faculty members in the department have attended conferences, seminars and workshops. 
- Dr. Enas Alimat participated in the conference "Psychology: Health in Community Service" and presented a scientific paper. 
- Participating in the preparation for the conference "the right of people with disabilities to Create a family" in Lebanon, which was held online.
- The participation of Dr. Enas Alimat in holding a volunteer training workshop for hearing-impaired persons.
- Participation in the inclusive kindergarten symposium, which was held through the (zoom) technology of the Hashemite University on 2020.
- Participation in the discussion of academic dissertations in several Jordanian universities.
- Participation in a training workshop on the use of Microsoft Teams in distance learning on 11/22/2020. 
- Participating in a training workshop on using advanced features in Microsoft Teams and Office 365 in distance learning on 11/23/2020.