A group of specialists participated in presenting lectures within the clinical training course for third and fourth year students in the Occupational Therapy Department for the second semester of 2020/2021 on topics related to occupational therapy and other related fields to occupational therapy. The Dean of the College of Applied Medical Sciences, Professor Murad Alholy, and Head of the Department of Occupational and Physical Therapy, Dr. Zaid Modhi extend their thanks to the following distinguished lecturers for their contribution to the success of the teaching process of this course, which was presented in an online platforms due to the Corona pandemic.
1. Dr. Jamal Al-Anani, a consultant in psychiatry and addiction and previous former director of the National Center for the Rehabilitation of Addicts in the Ministry of Health, presented a lecture entitled Addiction.
2. Dr. Suha Al-Tabbal is a specialist and early intervention expert in a number of organizations at the local and Arab levels, presented a lecture entitled Modern Trends in Early Intervention.
3. Dr. Majd Al-Ajarmeh, occupational therapist at the Ministry of Health and Doctor of Physical Education, presented a lecture entitled “The Impact of a Rehabilitation Program for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia Syndrome in Women.”
4. Ms. Safaa Madi, an occupational therapist who holds a sensory integration certificate from the University of Southern California, presented a series of lectures on sensory integration.
5. Ms. Esraa Abdel Bari presented a lecture on the main and basic occupational therapy intervention rules with children with cerebral palsy.
6. Ms. Hadeel Al-Far, an occupational therapist who works at a human rights organization, participated in a lecture entitled Integrating Mental Health into Community Care.
7. Ms. Ghazal Odeh, an occupational therapist in the field of mental health, participated in a lecture on occupational therapy and its role with psychological conditions.
8. Ms. Sarah Al-Mahsiri, Occupational Therapist, presented a lecture entitled Teletherapy.

Dr. Jamal Anani


Dr. Majd Al-Ajarmah


Mrs. Safa'a Madi


Mrs. Isra'a Abd-Albari


Mrs. Ghazal Oudeh