International Day of Women
- Under the patronage of the President of the Hashemite University, Professor Dr. Omar Shdeifat, the College of Arts represented by the Department of English Language Department, and the College of Science Education represented by the Educational Psychology Department celebrated the International day of Women. The one-day event was held on March 21 th, 2007 at the main auditorium at the Students' Affairs building. It consisted of three sessions led by distinguished Jordanian women in academia and the community. To name a few, Dr. Lamis Rajab, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Jordan, Dr. Hind Abu Alsha3ar, Dean of the Faculty of Ars, Al-Albait University, Mrs. Reem Abu Dalboo7, a member of the Municipal Council of Al-Mafraq. The event attracted terrific audience from both genders in and outside the university.
- Department Chair, Dr. Wael Zuraiq met with senior students at the Engineering main auditorium in the second semester of the academic year 2006/07. The meeting discussed issues related to academic advising, students' involvement with the department, and the University Achievement Exam ( Kafaa). Dr. Zeinab Abu Samak introduced the English Language Club and encouraged students to take part in its activities. Students were informed of a special course on Blackboard titled Kafaa to help them in their preparation for the exam. Several faculty members attended the meeting. To name a few: Dr. Yaser Altamimi, Dr. Maisoon Abu Jodeh, Dr. Moh'd Almasri. and a huge crowd of our students. The meeting was concluded with a productive session of questions and answers.

Open Day
The Open Day for the English Language Department was held on July 21st, 2006. The President of the Hashemite University, Prof. Dr. Omar Shdeifat inaugurated the event joined by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr. Nidal Al-mousa, and the Department Chair, Dr. Wael Zuraiq, the faculty members, current students and alumni. The steering committee of the Open Day consisted of Dr. Zeinab Abu Samak, Dr. Elham Hussein, Dr. Kifah Al-Omari, and Dr. Maisoon Abu Jodeh. The Open Day included a job fair, a book exhibition, several workshops by the American Embassy, British Council and USAID, an appreciation of the honor students, a cultural competition, a poetry reading and many more.

Throughout the past two years, for example, the cultural committee's colloquy has called for many cultural sessions which were attended by the teaching staff members and frequently by students. The sessions aimed to provide professors of the department with good knowledge in various genres of literature, linguistics, translation, in addition to some teaching issues that are strongly related to the department. Not only professors of the department were involved in these sessions, but also some invited guests took part in the presentations.