About Department

Welcome to the Special Education Department at the Queen Rania Faculty for Childhood where we will provide you with the necessary information that assist you in determining your academic career, and provide you with the options available in the field of special education.
Since its establishment in 2009, our vision and mission at the department are highly centered on achieving leadership in the graduation of academically and professionally qualified teachers in the field of special education, and contributing to community service, continuous development, making a big difference to the lives of disabled children, and increasing awareness of disability through educational programs in accordance with international quality standards.
Our department aims to prepare qualified professionals in the education and care of pupils with disability, to improve their abilities and capabilities and to promote positive interaction with them in the community. In addition, we aim to achieve leadership in the graduation of specialized educators in the field of special education, who are able to bring positive change to society. More important, we aim to contribute to community service by providing appropriate educational programs to suit the needs of society to promote cultural awareness about people with disability and their rights.