The establishment of the Department of Cultural Resources Management came along with the vision of Queen Rania Faculty of Tourism and Heritage founded in 1999/2000 at Hashemite University. Such vision, which is the vision of the university as well, focuses on sustaining different tourism and heritage sites within Zarqa in particular, and other Governates in Jordan. 
The department aims at preparing a capable staff for managing different kinds of tourism and heritage attractions. The department also concentrates on giving knowledge in the topic of museology. 
This department offers a B.Sc. degree in "Cultural Resources Management and Museology"; it presents a new scientific view in dealing with archaeological remains and heritage. The primary objective of this program is to qualify professionals who are competent in the methods and techniques appropriate for management of the cultural heritage.  Graduates of this program will be qualified to hold positions as managers of museums, archaeological sites, and natural reserves.
The department is active in its participation at activities conducted by the university, as well as community service. Such active participation is also seen in conferences, workshops and training sessions held on international, regional and national scales. Moreover, faculty members are actively publishing scientific books and articles, and conducting several field studies in different locations in Jordan. 
The department at the present is developing its academic and study plans in order to cope with the contemporary needs of tourism management and museums locally and regionally.