Welcome to the Department of Conservation Science at Hashemite University, where we are engaged in teaching, research, and service in diverse areas relating to conservation and protection of the cultural heritage.  Our department is greatly interested in a broad array of theoretical, cultural and practical subjects in the fields of conservation, archaeological works and museum collections protection.  Our efforts in teaching the science of conservation are of significance to preserve our heritage in Jordan, it is that type of education which is essential to the well-being of our society.  
The department is active in its participation at activities conducted by the university, as well as archaeological and conservation projects. Such active participation is also seen in conferences, workshops and training sessions held on international, regional and national scales. Moreover, faculty members are actively publishing scientific books and articles, and conducting several field studies in different locations in Jordan. 
The department at the present is developing its academic and study plans in order to cope with the contemporary needs of heritage sustainability and preservation locally and regionally.