The Discourse Analysis Lab was established in the Faculty of Arts at the Hashemite University/Jordan at the beginning of the academic year 2018/2019 immediately after the Deans Council issued its decision number (2018/39/1012) on 13/8/2018 approving the foundation of the lab and housing it in the Faculty of Arts. This was a response to a recommendation made by the Faculty of Arts Council forwarded to the Deans Council which includes the following:
First, establishing discourse analysis lab at the Faculty of Arts as an academic research body for both faculty members and postgraduate students at the different departments who are supposed to hold specialized seminars and forums suggested by the supervisory committee in political, cultural, religious and literary discourse.
Second, The Faculty Council recommended that, in its first phase, the Lab’s supervisory committee include the following faculty members:
•  Professor Zuhier Obeidat/rapporteur (Department of Arabic Language and Literature).
•  Professor Majed Al-Quran/member (Department of English Language and Literature).
•  Professor Jamal Ashalabi/member (Department of Social and Human Sciences).
•  Dr. Kholoud Omoush/member (Department of Arabic Language and Literature).
Third, the supervisory committee is assigned the responsibility of developing a detailed overview of the work and prospectus of the lab and submitting its recommendations to the faculty deanship and to the university administration.~