About Department

An Overview 
The Department of Arabic Language was one of the initial departments that opened with the establishment of the UH in 1995. The department offers the BA in Arabic Language and Literature and the MA in Literature and Literary Criticism, taught by faculty staff members totalling 30   (4 full professors; 6 associate professors; 14 assistant professors & 4 instructors.  

The Department Objectives: 
The department seeks to establish itself as a leading hub, locally and internationally, through the following: maintaining research leadership; organizing and participating in local and international conferences and symposiums; offering consultations within the framework of promoting Arab culture; catering for expertise capable of developing their home country and nation; supplying the community with graduates who possess allegiance and devotion to their country and religion; keeping abreast of the latest advances in knowledge and technology. 
Future Plans 
-Introducing an MA program in Arabic for non-native speakers.
-Introducing a doctoral program in the areas of Literature, Literary Criticism, and linguistics.