About Department

Mechatronics Engineering is a new field of engineering appeared in the world during the last decade. Mechatronics draws heavily on the concepts of control system only because they provide a coherent framework for system analysis. Controls are an integral component to any mechatronics system design and not afterthought an add-on. Mechatronics brings together areas of technology involving sensors and measurement systems, drive and actuation systems, analysis of the behavior of the systems, control systems, and computer and microcomputer systems.

The Department of Mechatronics Engineering at the Hashemite University was established in 1999 and offers only a bachelor degree in Mechatronics Engineering. The first batch of students graduated in 2003. The mechatronics engineering program covers a hundred and sixty (160) credit hours in almost five years including the practical training.

The Mechatronics Engineering BSc. Program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, https://www.abet.org , under the commission's General Criteria.

The department offers different courses that give the students a comprehensive theoretical knowledge in different fields of mechatronics engineering and these courses include:
Modeling and Simulation.
Transducers and Interfacing.
Electrical Machines.
Motor Drive Systems.
Control Systems.
Digital Control Systems.
Intelligent Control Systems.
Hydraulic and Pneumatic  Systems.
Design of Microcontrollers-Based Systems.
Design of Mechatronics Systems.
Computer Aided Design.

The mechatronics engineering program also offers different labs and facilities that give the students a comprehensive practical knowledge in different fields of mechatronics engineering. These labs include:
Digital Logic and Digital Electronics Lab.
Control Systems Lab.
Electrical Machines and Drive Lab.
Transducers and Interfacing Lab.
Microcontroller  Lab.
Mechatronics Systems Lab.

All the mechatronics engineering students have to do a final project for their graduation. In this project, students would have the chance to apply and implement all the theories and knowledge they earned during their study in the field of Mechatronics Engineering. In addition, every student has also to do a mandatory practical training at one of the companies that work in the field of Mechatronics or any related fields. Those companies could be in Jordan, Middle East, or any place in the world. In the practical training period, students get to know potential employers and get to see how theories and designs are implemented practically through working mechatronic systems. This training provide opportunities to get hands-on practical experience that will help students make choices early on in their academic training to shape up their careers.

The student is allowed to do the practical training after finishing at least a hundred and twenty (120) credit hours and it has to last for at least eight (8) weeks in Jordan or out of Jordan. The training can be done in any semester but not accompanied with classes. It is recommended before training that the student finishes the following courses with their labs: Transducers and Interfacing, Electrical Machines, Automation, and Technical Writing. After the student finishes the practical training, a report about the training has to be submitted to the academic advisor of the practical training in the department.