About Department

About Department
The Department of Early Childhood at the Hashemite University was established in the academic year 2004/2005. It offers study programs that help students to obtain a bachelor’s degree in early childhood, and also offer a master’s degree in early childhood. The department seeks to prepare qualified persons to work in the field of early childhood, especially for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years, as well as to guide their families. Educational programs are provided students with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide effective care and appropriate education for children at this vital stage and improve the quality of life and learning for children in the early childhood stage. The Early Childhood Department works hard to achieve its goals through faculty members who are highly qualified in the fields of child development, children’s mental health, and their guidance.
Future vision:
The future vision of the Early Childhood Department is to improve the quality of early childhood education and develop individuals concerned with this field. This vision is achieved through:
1. Providing and developing innovative study programs that reflect the latest research and effective practices in early childhood education.
2. Providing high-quality education and care for children.
3. Encouraging innovation and scientific research in the field of early childhood to develop effective teaching methods.
4. Enhancing interaction with the local community and forming partnerships to support education and care for children.
5. Guiding parents and educating the community about the importance of early childhood and how to support children’s development.
6. Integrating the values of diversity and respect for cultures to ensure an inclusive learning environment.
7.Continuous development of the department’s programs and curricula based on continuous evaluation and feedback.