Course Details

Course Details
Course No. : 150701405
Course Name : Ethics of Science and Technology
Prerequisite : 150702241 أو 1907021241 م م
Credit  : 1
Theory credit : 1
Practical Credit : 0
Course Discription : The most important scientists of ethics is a sense of responsibility towards humanity in general, do not seek to abuse what God was built, and the secretariat of knowing that the world stands at what science knows with certainty, and does not provide what was taught and thought it just a guess. The values represent the moral center of gravity in the cultures of nations, the more rigidity of moral values, the more able to protect its civilization, the more began to abandon their ethics and their presence has offered to collapse and fall, those are the years of being God. And Bioethics is the study of ethical issues that arise in the areas of health care and biological sciences.
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The Course offering during the Second Semester-2020/2021
Section NOTheory SectionTeacherTime & Location
10م.ميسون حسين علي العتوم 11,00 - 12,00 ن /
20م.ميسون حسين علي العتوم 14,00 - 15,00 ن /
30م.ميسون حسين علي العتوم 10,00 - 11,00 ر /
40د.سامي يوسف محمود الرواشده 11,00 - 12,00 ح /
50د.سامي يوسف محمود الرواشده 11,00 - 12,00 ث /
60د.سامي يوسف محمود الرواشده 11,00 - 12,00 خ /