Department of vocational rehabilitation for the labor market

The department of vocational rehabilitation for the labor market includes:
The Division of Training:
The Training Division aims to develop students ’skills and abilities and empower them during the study stages, to suit the requirements of the local and foreign labor market and help them find job opportunities, by providing specialized training courses and workshops, volunteer opportunities and awareness lectures. The training currently required for university students includes the following:
A-Employment and work skills, which include:
•Job search skills.
•CV preparation skills.
•Writing a cover letter.
•Job interviewing skills when applying for jobs.
•Work ethics.
B-Training entrepreneurial skills and self-employment, which include: Establishing entrepreneurship projects, business plans, financing management, administrative and financial skills.
C-Training of communication and communication skills, including: communication skills, presentation and customer service skills.
D-Language training, which includes: English language conversation and technical writing skills in the English language.
E-Training on computer applications, including: financial analysis using Excel, PowerPoint presentation, using Microsoft office, and any programs and courses that benefit students in their field of study and benefit them in the labor market.

The Scholarships Division:
The Scholarships Division does the following:
•Follow-up scholarships on social media, universities, embassies and supporting bodies.
•Communicating with university colleges and the Deanship of Academic Development regarding scholarships and grants that may come through them.
•Communication with the US Embassy, Missions Department.
•Communicating with the sources that provide scholarships, such as local and international universities, and various donor institutions.
•Communicating with the resources provided to grant cultural exchange for students such as local and international universities and various donor institutions for the purpose of cultural exchange of students between universities for the purpose of academic development.