Employment Relationships Department

Employment relationships department includes two divisions as follows:
The Division of networking with the labor market:
The activities and partnerships of (networking) aim to open communication channels and build strategic and lasting relationships with relevant partners, including public and private sector institutions, donor institutions, civil society institutions, professional unions, business associations, graduates and employment companies, and to maintain, strengthen and develop these relationships to achieve the strategic goals of the Center and the University.
Activities and partnerships (networking) include providing the following services:
A-On-the-job training with the aim of employment: On-the-job training with the aim of employment helps to find job opportunities for graduates through cooperation with government institutions, the private sector, civil society organizations, and funding and donor agencies for such projects.
B-Volunteer opportunities and part-time work: Opportunities for volunteering and part-time work with institutions, companies and civil society organizations help students to develop their social and practical skills, in addition to the student's obtaining a material income to cover the cost of life.
C-Holding the Employment Fair / Career Day: The Career Day aims to provide an opportunity for students and job seekers to communicate with employers and learn about the job opportunities available to them, as a number of local and foreign companies in the various economic sectors, employment companies and human resources participate in these exhibitions.
D-Employment applications: Communication and coordination with public and private sector institutions in obtaining employment opportunities available in the market and announcing them within the university in order to assist students in obtaining jobs.
E-Recruitment sites and companies: These are the websites and recruitment companies that work to find and facilitate job opportunities in the local and foreign market, as networking with these sites and companies aims to introduce students to these entities and their requirements and thus help students in the recruitment process.
F-Providing funding: networking with donor institutions aims to:
•Funding training course projects for students.
•Funding individual and group career counseling projects.
•Financing internal development projects at the Labor Market Preparation Center (training rooms, organization, guides).
•Funding database projects for graduates.
•Financing career day expenses, job fairs.
•Funding studies for identifying needs and studies.
•Graduate conference financing.
•Funding student initiatives and volunteering projects

The Information Division:
The Information Division performs the following activities:
•Follow up on the work of the center’s website.
•Lifting all advertisements required to be advertised by the Center’s people.
•Upload all available information regarding scholarships and job opportunities on the website.
•Upload all activities of the center on the site.
•Save the center’s data and deal with it.
•Receive suggestions and feedback and deal with it.