Safety Instructions General

Every government institution must contain public safety tools (fire extinguisher + first aid box) and simple familiarity with how to use them, which may not help us time to read them in a timely manner.
I would like to brief you on some of these matters, as they are important
  fire extinguisher

Cylindrical-shaped body of metal contains
On fire extinguishing materials according to their type, and it takes
Empty time from 8 seconds to 15 seconds

It consists of the following elements:
Operating lever
Safety nail:
He who maintains
The fire material remains without pressing the handle that allows it to exit.
The nozzle:
It is the place of exit of the material and varies according to the type and size of the extinguisher.
- carry handle.
- A watch that measures the air pressure that helps the extinguishing agent out.
- The body of the extinguisher.
A holder and a stove to install the extinguisher
On the walls.
- Extinguisher hose.
- Usage list, instructions and methods.
- The base of the extinguisher

Specifications of the user of the extinguisher

Awareness and awareness.
Physical ability.
Knowing the steps of use.
Training in the correct use of the method.

Specifications of the fire extinguisher

Certified by specialized references and written on it for capacity, type and usage method.
- good to use .
Fully Packaged.
- With a weight that can be carried quickly and easily.
Suitable for the type and quantity of materials subject to combustion.

Pre-operation instructions

Inform the civil defense.
Ensure that all of those present have left.
A safe and safe way out of the danger site.
Stand at a distance of two to three meters from the site of the fire.
Stand with the wind in the direction of wind.