Childood Library

Princess Iman bent Abdullah II "  Family and Childhood Library " 
I - Introduction :
The Childhood Library is a very special library within the Department of Library Services / Division of Special Collections.
It houses a special collection on childhood, children, family and related subjects to serve the information needs of staff and students at the Faculty of Queen Rania for Childhood.

II - Mission:  
- To support the process of learning to read, and to promote books and other media for children.
- To provide special events for children, such as story telling and activities related to the libraries services and resources.
- To provide an opportunity for children to experience the enjoyment of reading and excitement of discovering knowledge and works of the imagination.
- To represent a reference library for students and faculty / Queen Rania for Childhood.

III- Goals:
To facilitate the right of every child to :
- Information.
- Functional, visual, digital and media literacy.
- Cultural redevelopment.
- Reader development.
- Lifelong learning.
- To provide children with open access to all resources and media.

IV - Holdings:
The Library includes a variety of children's appropriate materials in all formats, including printed materials (books, periodicals…etc) media (CD, DVD, Cassettes) learning games …etc . with a total  sum of   7.000 books and periodicals that focus on childhood, children family, and related subjects.