Course Details

Course Details
Course No. : 170701253
Course Name : Introduction to Nursing Informatics
Prerequisite : 150702242 م
Credit  : 3
Theory credit : 3
Practical Credit : 0
Course Discription : This course focuses on understanding the use of information technology in nursing practice, education, research, and administration. The course intends to increase information technology literacy, knowledge and skills for undergraduate nursing students. Consideration is given to the effective and efficient management of information, including accessing, retrieval and evaluation of information from different courses, documentation and storage of information. Models and theories of nursing informatics are presented. Legal, ethical, economic, and cultural issues in information technology are discussed.
Syllabus : Download
The Course offering during the Summer Session-2020/2021
Section NOTheory SectionTeacherTime & Location
10د.رولا حسني ابراهيم مدلل 08,00 - 09,15 ح ن ث ر / المادة تدرس عن بعد على منصة(مايكروسوفتteams)