Course Details

Course Details
Course No. : 150701315
Course Name : Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Prerequisite : 150702241 أو 1907021241 م م
Credit  : 3
Theory credit : 3
Practical Credit : 0
Course Discription : Basic concepts of health from infancy to adulthood up to aging, how the health can be promoted, and preserving the suitable health level are basic components of this course. This course includes developing, practicing and evaluating a holistic health program. Another focus of this course is the application of the general safety measures of the surrounded environment of individuals, families, or/and communities.
Syllabus : Download
The Course offering during the Second Semester-2020/2021
Section NOTheory SectionTeacherTime & Location
10د.سكينه عبد الرحمن محمد الزيود 09,30 - 11,00 ن ر /
20د.سكينه عبد الرحمن محمد الزيود 12,00 - 15,00 خ /