Course Details

Course Details
Course No. : 150701208
Course Name : Communication Skills
Prerequisite : 150702241 أو 1907021241 م م
Credit  : 3
Theory credit : 3
Practical Credit : 0
Course Discription : General principles, concepts, and skills related to communication are provided to the nursing students to: communicate effectively with clients, families, colleagues, health team members, and others in their daily life; understand the human behaviors; and help individuals to adapt with their surrounding environment for the purpose of achieving the optimal level of health. It focuses on stimulating students to develop effective intrapersonal and interpersonal communication skills, and assist them to move from merely understanding of communication principles to their applications in life effectively.
Syllabus : Download
The Course offering during the Summer Session-2020/2021
Section NOTheory SectionTeacherTime & Location
10د.مجد توفيق سليمان مريان 08,00 - 09,15 ح ن ث ر / المادة تدرس عن بعد على منصة(مايكروسوفتteams)
20د.مجد توفيق سليمان مريان 09,30 - 10,45 ح ن ث ر / المادة تدرس عن بعد على منصة(مايكروسوفتteams)