Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where is the University?
It is located on the outskirts of the city Zarqa to the east (about 45 minutes drive) of the capital Amman.
2. How large is the University?
The total area of the university is 8519 acres 15% of which was used for buildings, 25% for planting and agriculture. 200 acers have been planted with various vegetation. 
3. Are there residential facilities to accommodate this enrollment?
These residential facilities of accommodation will be a available in the near future.

4. Can students have a vehicle on campus?
On campus not as buildings inside the campus are close but they can use the parks outside the university.

5. How can students reach the University?
Travel and transport system to HU is easy, espeially after the HU contracted with AL-Sawsanah for transport to drive 50 2005- modeled, new buses from all the different Governarates in Jordan which makes it easy to anyone to came daily to HU without any difficulty.
6. Is Transportation available and till what time?
Yes, till 6,00 P.M.

7. How much is the tuition fees and rates?
It depends on the specialization (Go to Admission session).

8. How many days a week will classes meet?
5 days a week.

9. Will the student be assigned an advisor or academic counselor?
Each student will be assigned an academic advisor, to facilitate the process of registration and other counseling services.  

10. Does HU have an orientation program? What happens during orientation?
Yes, HU has an Orientation program in which students know something about everything at the university e.g, buildings, restaurants, library; offices, &..etc.
11. Would my hours transfer if I attend another college and then attend HU?
You should consult the Admission and Registration unit to consider each case in accordance with the HU regulations and Instructions.

12. What facilities are available for students?
The HU lectures, offers students many facilities like, buses for early lectures, Internet services, transport on Saturdays, Restaurants (Sandwiches & Meals), & &..ect.
13. How students get textbooks?
Students can buy them alone from the bookshops, photocopy them and students can buy them the bookstore (in the Deanship of Students Affairs).

14. What type of insurance students will have?
Medical Insurance which is compulsory for students who are registered at the university and it is optional for those who don't register in summer courses.
15. What grading policy is adopted at HU?
HU has adopted the figure system since the Academic Year 1997/1998 instead of score system.

16. Is there a university police available and how can I reach their location?
There is a university security available everywhere at the university their location is in the Deanship of Students Affairs -1st floor.

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