Faculty of Sciences (FOS)
Dean: Mohamed .K.M. Al-Sugheir
Tel: +962(5)3903333 - 4219
Fax: +962(5)3903349
Email: fsc@hu.edu.jo
Home: http://www.sci.hu.edu.jo
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (FOE)
Dean: Abdelghafour A. S. Al_Zawahreh
Tel: +962(5)3903333 - 4179 /4178
Fax: +962(5)3903344
Email: economic@hu.edu.jo
Home: http://www.eco.hu.edu.jo
Faculty of Educational Sciences (FEAS)
Dean: Jehad M.S. Alaedin
Tel: +962(5)3903333 - 4199
Fax: +962(5)3826308
Email: esf@hu.edu.jo
Home: http://www.eds.hu.edu.jo
Faculty of Engineering (FOE)
Dean: Awni H. A. Itradat
Tel: +962(5)3903333 - 4334
Fax: +962(5)3826348
Email: engdewan@hu.edu.jo
Home: http://www.eng.hu.edu.jo
Faculty of Arts (ART)
Dean: KHoloud E.S. AL-Omoush
Tel: +962(5)3903333 - 4977
Fax: +962(5)3903339
Email: arts@hu.edu.jo
Home: http://www.art.hu.edu.jo
Faculty of Medicine (FOM)
Dean: Darwish Hasan Darwish Badran
Tel: +962(5)3903333 - 4932
Fax: +962(5)3826335
Email: med@hu.edu.jo
Home: http://www.med.hu.edu.jo
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences (FPESS)
Dean: Ibrahim A. M. Salameh
Tel: +962(5)3903333 - 4415
Fax: +962(5)3826385
Email: sport@hu.edu.jo
Home: http://www.sps.hu.edu.jo
Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS)
Tel: +962(5)3903333 - 4157
Fax: +962(5)3903350
Email: healthsc@hu.edu.jo
Home: http://www.ahs.hu.edu.jo
Faculty of Nursing (FON)
Dean: Hanan M. A. Al-Modallal
Tel: +962(5)3903333 - 4382
Fax: +962(5)3903337
Email: nur_dean@hu.edu.jo
Home: http://www.nur.hu.edu.jo
Faculty of Prince Al-Hussein Bin Abdallah II For Information Technology (IT)
Dean: Feras .Ahmad .Hamid . Hanandeh
Tel: +962(5)3903333 - 4595
Fax: 0096253826625
Email: it@hu.edu.jo
Home: http://it.hu.edu.jo
Faculty of Natural Resources and Environment (FENR)
Dean: Fayez Y. M. S. Ahmad
Tel: +962(5)3903333 - 4385
Fax: +962(5)3826823
Email: env@hu.edu.jo
Home: http://www.nre.hu.edu.jo
Queen Rania Faculty of Tourism and Heritage (QRITH)
Dean: Fadi Abedallah Bala'awi
Tel: +962(5)3903333 - 4480
Fax: +962(5)3903346
Email: tourism@hu.edu.jo
Home: http://www.qrt.hu.edu.jo
Queen Rania Faculty for Childhood (QRFC)
Dean: Omayya M. M. Al-Hassan
Tel: +962(5)3903333 - 4911
Fax: +962(5)3903363
Email: qrfch@hu.edu.jo
Home: http://www.qrc.hu.edu.jo
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