Course Details

Course Details
Course No. : 150703371
Course Name : Child Health Nursing / Theory
Prerequisite : 150702244
Credit  : 3
Theory credit : 3
Practical Credit :
Course Discription : Concepts of health promotion and maintenance, and the prevention of illness and accidents, in addition to health assessment and selected physiological health problems are the major concepts of this course. Also, various physiological and social issues and health problems that face children such as inorganic failure to thrive, child negligent, and child abuse are discussed. Nursing management relevant to each problem is discussed using the nursing process, developmental theories, new trends, and recent approaches in managing and caring of children.
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The Course offering during the First Semester-2021/2022
Section NOTheory SectionTeacherTime & Location
10د.مراد عدنان يوسف صوالحه 11,00 - 12,30 ن ر / المادة تدرس وجاهي في مبنى التمريض ت م 202
20د.منال ابراهيم عبدالرحمن الكلوب 12,30 - 14,00 ح ث / المادة تدرس وجاهي في مبنى العلوم الطبية المساندة ع ط 312