Faculty of Prince Al-Hussein Bin Abdallah II For Information Technology

Stratigic Plan

Engineering touches on all aspects of civilization. Great works of humankind, from the construction of Petra to the creation of the internet, are marvels of engineering.
Engineering is an evolving discipline that reinvents itself to explore and create solutions to new problems. Progress in engineering is driven by the application of varied fields of human understanding and subject to chainsof rapid enlightenment brought about by advances in technology.

Thus, while strategic planning is important for any organization, it is crucial for an engineering faculty. Its role is two-fold: leadership in creating revolutionary technological advances through scientific discovery; and education of students who will have a significant positive impact on society.
The process of strategic planning in an academic environment is unique, in part because the inputs and the outputs of the academic endeavor and the value that they add are not often readily quantifiable. We have endeavored to include intangibles in the process, tempering the values that scientists and engineers traditionally assign to metrics and balancing it with a healthy respect for elusive but very real qualities, such as collegiality, integrity, and leadership.

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