Faculty of Medicine

Faculty Facilities

The faculty has also units to serve the teaching process, research and community services, which include:
    - Laboratories:
       1. Biochemistry Lab.
       2. Microbiology Lab.
       3. Physiology Lab.
       4. Pathology Lab.
       5. Genetics Lab.
       6. Immunology Lab.
       7. Histology Lab.
       8. Research laboratories.
       9. Clinical Skills Education laboratories.

       10. Anatomy Lab.

       11. Digital Anatomy Lab.

       12. Dissecting room.

In addition, the Faculty of Medicine is equipped with the latest educational tools; this includes interactive whiteboards, HPS (Human Patient Simulators), auditoriums and lecture halls. The faculty is fully covered by wireless internet access serving both students and staff. There is also a library located within Ibn Sina Medical Faculties Complex dedicated to all medical sciences students