Faculty of Prince Al-Hussein Bin Abdallah II For Information Technology

Faculty of Information Technology Council

The HU phone number is 05-3903333. If you are outside the University, you may contact any person at the HU by dialing the HU phone number then the extension of the person. If you use on-campus phone, just dial the extension of the person.


Dr.Sahar Ata Ahmad Idwan





 Vice Dean


Dr.Sari Mohd Ismaeil Awwad


 Chair of Computer Science Dept.


Dr.Ahmed Fawzi Ali Otoom


 Chair of Software Engineering Dept.


Dr.Yousef M. A. Kilani


 Chair of Computer Information Systems Dept.


Dr.Alaa Eddien Awad abdallah Attar


 Representative of Computer Science Dept.


Dr.Fadi Ibrahim Ali Wedyan


 Representative of Software Engineering Dept.


Dr.Zaher Ibrahim Saleh Salah

 Representative of Computer Info. Systems Dept.


Ghadeer M.M.Al-Kateb


Secretary of the Council