Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Arts Council 2016/2017

Dr. Kholoud E.S. AL-Omoush: The Head of the Board and the Dean of the Faculty

Dr. Shadi Saleh Ahmad Neimneh:  Vice Dean

Dr. Maisoun Abu Joudeh: Assistant Dean for Students Affairs

Prof. Muneer Shatnawi: Chair of Arabic Department

Dr. Naser Yousef Ibraheem Jaber: Chair of Allied Humanities Department
Dr. Bassil Mohammad Mousa Mashaqba: Chair of the Department of English Language &Literature

Dr. Yahya A. Sh. Ali: Chair of Social and Humanities Department

Prof. Omar Abdallah Ahmad Shehadeh: Representative of Arabic Department

Prof. Majid Al-Qura'n, Representative of English Language and Literature Department
Dr. Ghaida'a Baltaji: Representative of Allied Humanities Department

Dr. Ra'ad Abdel Kareem Mohammad al-Awamleh Representative of Social and Humanities Department.