Faculty of Educational Sciences

Faculty of Educational Sciences Council


Prof. Jehad M.S. Alaedin

The Head of the Board and the Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

Dr. Mahmoud Jaradat

Vice Dean 

Dr Atef Abuhmaid

Dr. Mohammad Abood

Assistant Dean for Students Affairs

Assistant Dean for Practicum

Dr. Mahmoud Jaradat

Chair of Educational Foundations and Administration Department

Dr. Su'ad Al-Waely

Chair of Curricula and Instruction Department

Dr Ahmad Mahasneh

Chair of Educational Psychology Department

Prof. Yazid Shoraty

Representative of Educational Foundations  and  Administration  Department

Prof. Ahmad Al Alwan

Representative of Educational Psychology Department

Prof Jibreen Husein

Representative of Curricula and Instruction Department

Reda Alzyoud

 Community representative

Noor Khawaldeh