Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science Council

The faculty council is a body that convenes to discuss and decide on issues concerning faculty academic and administrative affairs. Members of the board for academic year 2018/2019 are as follow:




Dr.. Abdelghafour Al_Zawahreh


Dr. Ebrahim Mahmoud Abd-Elhameed Mansour

Vice Dean

Dr. Ahmed Mushref Salim Al Omush

Assistant Dean

Dr. Mohammad Waleed Ahmad Alomari

Department of Economics Chairman

Dr.Waed Abdel Razzaq Yousef Ensour

Department of Business Administrative Chairman

Dr. Zyad Mohammad Saad Marashdeh

Department of Finance Chairman

Dr.Arqam Al-Ruba'i

Department of Economics Representative

Prof. Walid Zakaria Abdurrahman Siam

Department of Accounting Representative

Prof. Khadair Kadam Hmood Al-Frajat

Department of Business Administrative Representative

 Dr. Khaled Moh'd Bashir Alzubi

Department of Finance Representative