Faculty of Science

Faculty of Science Council:

The faculty council is a body that convenes to discuss and decide on issues concerning faculty academic and administrative affairs. Members of the council for academic year 2017/2018 are as follows:




Prof. Dr. Rashad I. Badran


Dr. Nedal Mohammad Fandi Tahat

Vice Dean

Dr. Feras Ali Suleiman Bani Ahmad

Assistant Dean

Dr. Mufied. M.H. AL-Maghrabi

Acting chairperson of Physics Department

Dr. Lubna H. T. Tahtamouni

Acting chairperson Biology and Biotechnology Department

Dr. Bader A. B. Salameh

Acting chairperson of Chemistry Department

Dr. Ramzi  Bader Helal Albadarneh

Acting chairperson of Mathematics Department

Dr. Moustafa O. A. Abu-Shawiesh

Acting chairperson of Basic Sciences  Department

Dr. Ziad Yousef Ahmad Khattari

Representative Member of Physics Department

Dr. Omar Mohammad Rebhy Salem Sayyed Ahmad

Representative Member of Mathematics Department

Dr. Seba Jamal Najem Shbailat

Representative Member of Biology and Biotechnology Department

Dr. Majed Hamad Mohammad Shataiwi

Representative Member of Chemistry Department