Department of Cultural Resources Management and Museology

About Department

This department offers a B.Sc. degree in "Cultural Resources Management and Museology". It presents a new scientific view in dealing with archaeological remains and heritage. The primary objective of this program is to qualify professionals who are competent in the methods and techniques appropriate for management of the cultural heritage.  Graduates of this program will be qualified to hold positions as managers of museums, archaeological sites, and natural reserves. 

Objectives and Vision 
1. To provide Jordan and nearby countries with highly graduated trained experts in related fields of research and studies. 
2. Enhancement of cultural resources management through protecting heritage sites and artifacts, in addition to appropriate management of the sites with emphasis on creating job opportunities for different involved parties.  
3. Implementation of advanced research and studies on issues related to the development of different kinds of cultural and heritage sites and attractions, and prepare management programs for attractive touristic sites in Jordan. 
4. To establish information systems and websites for archaeology, tourism and heritage and adopting electronic systems in learning. 
5. To hold local, regional and international conferences, workshops and seminars on topics related to the application of science and technology in tourism and archaeology, as well as the sponsoring and coordinating of training programs, which are necessary for assisting the public and private sector in implementation of techniques and methods for the preservation and conservation of Jordan is cultural heritage. 

Future Vision
1-  Support the scientific research related to heritage and its management.
2-  Establish specialized graduate programs in museology.
3-  Establish an archaeological and heritage museum on the campus of the university.
4-  Develop relations with other institutions interested in the areas related to cultural resources and heritage management and conservation of cultural resources.
5-  Rehabilitation of traditional villages and stress on their value and sustainability in serving tourism.
6-  Activate the relation with the different authorities involved in cultural resources development and museology.
7-  Establish of an open-air museum on campus of the university.
8-  Establish a specialized library for archaeological and heritage research.