Department of Computer Information System (CIS)

About Department

The CIS department was established to produce graduates able to develop Information Systems in the area of business and economics including application programming and managing Databases. The curriculum of CIS is primarily concerned with the application of the systems development life cycle to business-oriented, computer-based information systems. The main knowledge areas for CIS include: systems analysis, web programming, systems design, database management, and computer programming, along with other technical and business study areas pertinent to the development and implementation of information systems in a variety of operational and administrative settings.Students are involved in teamwork's inside the institution to accomplish the objectives of the institution. The CIS major include analyzing information management and documenting it to be used in different areas.
Business Information Technology
The Department of Computer Information Systems at the Hashemite University offers a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology (BIT). This major provides students with expertise in the development and use of computer systems and quantitative modelling techniques for solving business problems and making managerial decisions. The degree incorporates much of the computer science courses with a concentration on business and communication applications of computing including e-commerce, e-business, business information technology, decision support systems, and operations and supply chain management. Student attending this major is expected to gain technology management skills and core business concepts to better serve Information Technology organizations. The degree is granted after a successful completion of 132 credit hours.
Information Systems and Innovation
The Department of Computer Information Systems at the Hashemite University offers a specialized master’s program in Information Systems and Innovation. This program provides students with expertise needed to meet the requirements of applying information systems theory and concepts to modern information systems development. It is designed mainly for students who wish to combine technical competence in information systems with knowledge of managerial and organizational issues. Furthermore, it focuses on the full spectrum of advanced information technology concepts through several specialized courses including but not limited to project management, strategic management, e-commerce, IS security, data mining, information retrieval, and scientific research methodology. The program is offered in either a thesis track or a comprehensive exam track. Thesis track students are required to take a minimum of 9 thesis credits in their total credits.Basically, a master's degree is awarded to students who successfully complete 33 credit hours. A master's degree holder in Information Systems and Innovation is expected to get a better job in competitive fields or to pursue PhD studies in the various areas of research in Computer Information Systems
The graduates understand the strategies of information applications and communications in the new technology and its affect on the society.
• To develop high-quality undergraduate program supported by rationales of academic merit and societal and industrial needs.
• To produce graduates of high caliber with innovative mind and passions for learning.
• To play a leading global role in achieving major advances in computer information systems and computer technology.
• To be a leading advocate for IT in the spheres of education, government and industry.
• To be a distinct research excellence center for the wider communities in IT.
Future Vision
• To be a world-class center that leads in learning and research in the area of CIS.
• To create postgraduate program in CIS.
• To enhance our innovation in research areas in the field of CIS.