Department of Computer Science and Applications (CSA)

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The computer science and application major is considered one of the primary and basic major given by the faculty. A student who is especially in computer science is expected to have deep knowledge in any computer field. The nature of its abstract and theoretical course material makes it feasible for students to gain a better and wider understanding of standard computer tools.
Such an understanding is a perfect base for acquiring further understanding with a continuous evolution in the field of computer science. In addition to that, this major requires that the students fully acquire the best ways to acquaint themselves with the programming of computer systems, computer networks, and ways of building a system as well as maintaining it.

The major goal of the Department is to provide the local and regional market students with great potential and quality. To achieve this goal, the Department places great emphasis on the student's ability to analyze, design, implement, and
manage computer systems of all kinds in addition to establishing links with software companies both on the local and international levels to assist in defining the market requirements and develop the department curriculum to satisfy these requirements.
Future Vision
• Starting a postgraduate program in the computer science field.
• Placing a strategic plan to train the faculty staff on the latest techniques to apply information technology in the educational process.
• Strengthening our bound with the industry specifically in the field of research and development.
• Holding specialized seminars with specialist in the line of work.
• The Department has an ambitious plan to encourage its distinguished students to further pursue their studies to acquire (PhD) degree. Such plan will assist in developing the department program in addition to starting a postgraduate program in the field of Computer Science in the future.