Department of Community & Mental Health Nursing

About Department

Department Vision and Mission

Community and Mental Health Nursing Department is one of three departments at the Faculty of Nursing, established in the academic year 2005-2006. The Department of Community Health and Mental Health is committed to providing a conducive learning environment and offer courses that would assist students to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes and behaviors necessary for the preventive and rehabilitative services for clients at risk for mental and community health problems.

Major emphasis of the department is placed on interventions in promotive, preventive and rehabilitative aspects of care for the following populations: school children, people at work (occupational health), geriatrics (Nursing homes), family (Home visiting), community assessment, mental health assessment, and individuals who are vulnerable to the mental disturbances.

Department Goals

The general goal of Community and Mental Health Department is to provide students with required knowledge and skills that promote health among individuals, families, and communities. This goal is achieved through employing different health promotion levels:

Level one: Prevent diseases or decrease the incidence rates of certain disorders.

Level two: Early detection of the disorders and treatment especially for mental clients and elderly.

Level three: Limit the complications of the disorders and rehabilitation for the targeted groups.
These goals will be achieved through providing care for children in schools, family members especially those suffering from chronic disorders and mental diseases, elderly in their homes and in nursing homes, and people suffering from mental disturbances.