Department of Sport Rehabilitation

About Department

Sport Rehabilitation is a relatively new profession in Jordan. Admission to the department began at the beginning of the academic year 1999/2000. The first sport rehabilitators graduated from the department at the end of the academic year 2002/2003. 

Sport Rehabilitators are now working in more settings than ever. You will find Sports Rehabilitators working in sports injury clinics, health clubs and gyms and professional teams 
What Techniques do Sports Rehabilitator Use? 

Sports Rehabilitators look at the body as a whole when assessing an injury. Assessment usually includes postural and biomechanical assessment, detailed history, muscle strength and flexibility testing as well as special tests for the injured area.

Techniques which are used in treatment include:
Sports Massage 
Electrotherapy (Ultrasound/Interferential/TENS) 
Taping (Strapping) 
Muscle stretching techniques (including muscle energy techniques) 
Muscle strengthening 
Core stability training 
Proprioception training 
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