Department of Biology and Biotechnology

About Department

The Department of Biology was established in the academic year 1995/1996 in the same year teaching started at the Hashemite University. The department has (17) faculty members, (4) teaching and assistants, and (8) technicians.
The department offers a flexible and challenging undergraduate program of study leading to the B.Sc. degree in Biology and B.Sc. in Biotechnology. In addition, the department started to offer a master degree in Biology in 1999. The department has grown to be one of the largest scientific departments in the faculty.

Furthermore, the department has adopted the policy of selecting distinguished students to continue their study for postgraduate studies in international institutes that meet its future prospects and expansion.

In recent years, biochemical and molecular developments, which have revolutionized biological research, have also led to an explosive growth in the biotechnology industry. The biotechnology program in the Hashemite University is appropriate for students interested in scientific careers in the rapidly expanding biotechnology industry.

The biotechnology program offers a multidisciplinary blending of knowledge and technical skills with a strong emphasis on biotechnology and on the application of the biosciences to human and animal health, agricultural, environmental and industrial problems. The B.Sc. in Biotechnology courses combines theory and hands-on-practical training. The courses includes genetic engineering technology, basic sciences such as biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology and immunology, applied sciences such as industrial biotechnology and laboratory techniques, recombinant DNA methods, and commercial biotechnology.

The department offers educational and research programs with highly and recognizable standards in order to produce highly qualified graduates. Programs include various subjects in Biology and Biotechnology that aims to prepare the students for different work opportunities.