Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Research areas

Dr. Huda Al-Hourani
 - Obesity and its related health consequences such as type 2 Diabetes mellitus, Breast cancer, Hyperlipidemia, and Hypertension
Dr. Murad Al-Holy
 - Determining the thermal inactivation kinetics of pathogenic foodborne microorganism in different food systems
 - Developing pasteurization protocols for high value seafood products using conventional thermal processes
 - Developing pasteurization protocols for high value seafood products using novel heating technologies (radio frequency and microwave dielectric heating)
 - Using combinations of antimicrobial treatment with mild heat treatment to process heat-sensitive food products
 - Designing and implementing experiments to quantify and identify pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms in food systems using Short Wavelength and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
 - Studying the growth, survival, recovery and inactivation of Enterobacter sakazakii (Cronobacter spp) in infant formula and baby foods
 - Developing new media for recovery of intact and injured foodborne pathogens
 - Providing expert consulting services for food safety and extension of shelf life of different food products, especially chilled meat products

Dr. Mahmoud Abu Ghoush
 - Food Chemistry
 - Food Rheology
 - Product Development
 - Functional foods
 - Value added
 - Life span Nutrition
 - Food Safety.

Dr. Suhad AbuMweis
 - Nutrition and blood cholesterol concentrations
 - Functional foods for cardiovascular disease
 - Lipid metabolism
 - Phytosterol (Plant sterols)
 - Evidence-based nutrition
 - Systematic reviews and meta-analysis

Dr. Narmeen Jamal (Moh’d Khair) El Awwad
 - Probiotic and prebiotics
 - Functional foods
 - Pediatric nutrition
 - Clinical nutrition
 - Sport nutrition

Dr. Amin Naser Olaimat
 - Food safety and Microbiology
 - Food processing and Biotechnology
 - Food packaging
 - Sensory evaluation