Deprtment of Basic Sciences

Research Areas

Research Intersets for members of Department of Basic Sciences:

Moustafa O. A. Abu-Shawiesh
(Chair of department)

Robust Statistical Methods
Statistical Process Control
Artificial Neural Networks
Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

Aayat Shdaifat 

Natural language Processing
Elearning systems
Course management systems
Artificial intelligence (AI)

Marwah Alian 

Data Mining
Natural language processing
Elearning systems

Ghadeer Ghazal 

Software Engineering
Reuse in software engineering.
development of E-leaning systems

Alaa Obeidat

Data mining
Computer networks
Genetic algorithm

Sana Zgool

Coding Speech Recognition Database Systems
Information Extraction
Natural language processing
Information retrieval

Hutaf Natoureah 

Wireless ad-hoc networks issues such as routing, connectivity performance and mobility.

Alaa Abd-Alazeez Abu-Srhan