Department of Cultural Resources Management and Museology


Honoring Teaching Staff of Queen Rania Faculty of Tourism and Heritage:
? Prof. Dr. Sultan Al-Maany was appointed as a member in the Board of Trustees at Al-Hussein Bin Talal University in Maan.
?Prof. Dr. Mohammad Waheeb was awarded a number of awards and shields from different private and state institutions in Jordan.
The Participation of the faculty teaching staff in conferences and workshops:
? Prof. Dr. Mohammad Waheeb participated in the following conferences:
-The 13th international conference on the History and Archaeology of Jordan organized by the Department of antiquities  presenting a paper on “the discovery of Nun Salim”
-The first conference on “The Environment and Al Rusayfeh” presenting a paper on the archaeological sites in Al-Rusayfeh and its Surroundings.
- The conference on “ Al-Muwaqqar, History and Civilization” presenting a paper on the discovery of Qasr Al-Muwaqqar.
? Dr. Fadi Bala'awi participated in the 2nd national conference on Nature Reserves presenting a paper entitled as “Ecotourism and its role in conservation of nature and development of local Communities” 
? Prof. Dr. Mohammad Waheeb participated in a seminar entitled as “Zarqa the city of old world” which was held in Zarqa on 19/11/2016
? Prof. Dr. Mohammad Waheeb, Dr. Hussein Al-qudrah, Dr. Ramzy Al-Rusan, and Dr. Malik Badr participated in the conference on Dialogue of Religions held in The Club of young Christians in Amman 27/10/2016.?
? Dr. Mairna Mustafa, Dr. Ramzy Al-Rusan, and Dr. Malik Badr and Mrs Deema Krishan participated in the Conference and the Exhibition of International Tourism and Heritage in the period between 25-27/10/2016.
? Dr. Fardous Al-Ajlouny participated in the discussions on the development of national strategies of Tourism in Zarqa Governorate.