Department of Software Engineering (SWE)


• The participation of all department members in IT and software engineering conferences worldwide. 
• The organization of a number of seminars of recent topics in the IT industry.
• The acquiring of a number of research grants such as:

* Fadi Al-Wedyan, Khalid T. Al-Sarayreh, Khaled Almakadmeh, Hani Bani-Salameh, Ahmad Al-Khasawneh (2015 – 2017). A handy and low cost imaging system of the ocular fundus, 50000 USD. The Higher Council for Science and Technology, Royal Scientific Society, Jordan.
* Khalid T. Al-Sarayreh, Khaled Almakadmeh (2012 – 2015). Development of an electronic glass for visually impaired people, 12000 USD. The Hashemite University, Jordan.
* Fadi Al-Wedyan, (2015-2016), Generating Higher Order Mutants Using Genetic Algorithms, 5500 USD, The Hashemite University, Jordan. 
* Fadi Al-Wedyan, (2014 -2015), CodeRoid: a Framework for generating Java Sourcecode for Tablets and Smartphones, 2000 USD, The Hashemite University, Jordan. 
* Hani Beni-Salameh,  Evaluating the Effect of 3D Word Integration within a social Software Environment, 1500 JOD,  The Hashemite University, Jordan.
* Hani Beni-Salameh, Studying the Effect of Notifications Management in Collaborative, 18000 JOD, The Hashemite University, Jordan.
* Ahmed Khasawneh and Hani Beni-salameh, (2014-2016), Empowering Hashemite University through Blended Learning, 118,200 JOD, The Hashemite University, Jordan.