Department of Community & Mental Health Nursing


- Intended curricular and extracurricular activities for the year of 2007/2008 include:

- The preparation for introducing "Psychological Health for All" course as an elective university course.

- Conducting health fairs and scientific days in psychological health at the university campuses as well as community centers.

- Conduct a comprehensive, university-wide study about "Psychological Stressors and Their effects on Student Academic Achievement".

- Coordinate with local experts to conduct different sessions for the students who are enrolled in "Health Education" course.

- Conduct and implement a health fair day during the second semester of the Y'O 2007/2008 with the cooperation of the community service committee at the Faculty of Nursing and other faculties at the HU.

- Conduct a workshop regarding psychological health at one of the elementary schools in Al Zarqa city.

- Conduct field trips to the refugees' camps at the Zarqa Governorate.