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English Language and Literature
Arabic Language and Literature
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Dr. Bassil Mohammad Mousa Al mashaqba
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Welcome to the homepage of the department of English Language and Literature at the Hashemite UniversityHashemite University


Like the Hashemite University itself, the department of English Language and Literature prospered over a very short period of time. When it started in 1995, only five faculty members were teaching in the department. The number grows now to be twenty-five faculty members, in addition to three other PhD candidates who are still pursuing their studies abroad and will shortly join the department.


Most of our faculty members are young faculty who have recently graduated from the most distinguished universities in the United States of America and Great Britain. All faculty members are well-qualified and come from several areas of specialization that cover the major fields of the discipline, such as: language, literature, linguistics, writing, translation, criticism, and cultural studies. This variety will enable all prospective students to find something of interest in our programs. By encompassing all these fields, the department can also meet all the needs for the job market, both inside and outside Jordan.



Like our faculty, the number of our students grew rapidly over the years. Only thirty-one students enrolled in the department in 1995. Nowadays, more than three hundred students are admitted in the department each year. The department provides many services for these students, such as: internet and computer facilities, language labs and technological facilities, and academic advising. In addition, we have recently established a multi-media room to serve all our students' technological needs. The department collaborates also with other units and centers in the university to provide the best services for our students. For example, we usually refer our students to the library, the computer e-learning center, the Deanship of Student Affairs, and other units.



So, despite the short time span, the department of English Language and Literature at the Hashemite University has excelled in many areas. Our mission is to explore new horizons that will ensure more excellence in the coming future. Our main objective is to provide our country and the whole region with well-qualified graduates who can enrich the job market with their knowledge and distinction.