•The department’s system has been developed with the help of the Computer Center to create a comprehensive system which manages and supervises staff transactions, the procedures of procurement and supply, the supplier companies, the materials and equipment, balances, inputs, and outputs. This system electronically keeps the department’ descriptive and statistical reportsand saves time and effort when extracting them.The department constantly monitors and updates the system, solves problems that may arise in it, and makes the necessary adjustments in line with laws, regulations and instructions to improve the provided services.
•All the University’s requests for supplies have been computerized, and thus any request for supply occurs electronically.
•All the procedures associated with the supplies under the employees’ custodyhave been computerized. Therefore, procedures as transferring, returning, and maintenance are performed and approved electronically.
•Computerizing and developing the department’s systems of warehousing and purchasing as well as cancelling manual records have increased the effectiveness of the department's work and facilitated supervision and control.
•Custody records have been archived for each employee and reflected on his/her online portal.