Study plans

Course NameCredit hoursCourse Number
Methods of Teaching for Grades 1-332203021130
Linguistic concepts and its methods of teaching32203021131
Fundamental of Mathematical Concepts and their Teaching Methods32203021132
History and Geography of Jordan and their Teaching Methods32203021133
Hadith and Profit's Biography and their Teaching Methods32203021134
E-portfolio (1)12203021151
Literary Appreciation in Arabic and Its Teaching Methods32203021231
Numbers and Applications and their Teaching Methods32203021232
Social and National Education and Its Teaching Methods32203021233
Aqidah, jurisprudence, and Ethics and their Teaching Methods32203021234
Biological Concepts and their Teaching Methods32203021235
Reading skills and its methods of teaching32203021236
E-portfolio (2)12203021252
Writing skills and its methods of teaching32203021331
Geometrical Concepts and their Teaching Methods32203021332
Chemical and Earth Concepts and their Teaching Methods32203021335
Expressive activities32203021336
Instructional Design32203021352
E-portfolio (3)12203021353
Differentiated instruction and classroom interaction32203021430
Physical Concepts and their Teaching Methods32203021435
Student Learning Assessment32203021482
Action Research32203021485
Practicum (1)32203021496
Practicum (2)92203021497