Study plans

Course NameCredit hoursCourse Number
Basics of Organic Chemistry3110103236
Food Science3140502220
Human Nutrition and Metabolism3140502312
Food Preparation2140502323
Food Preparation/ practical1140502324
Food Microbiology2140502332
Food Microbiology / Practical1140502333
Food Chemistry and Analysis / Practical1140502337
Medical Nutrition Therapy (1)3140502344
Medical Nutrition Therapy (1) / Practical1140502345
Nutrition counseling and Education3140502351
Assessment of Nutritional Status/ Practical1140502359
Seminar in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics1140502440
Medical Nutrition Therapy (2)3140502447
Medical Nutrition Therapy (2) / Practical1140502448
Nutrition Through The life cycle3140502452
Community Nutrition2140502455
Community Nutrition / Practical1140502456
Internship In Medical Nutrition Therapy4140502463
Internship in Nutritional Assessment, Counseling and Nutrition Education4140502464
Human Nutrition31905021211
Food Hygiene31905021335
Food Chemistry and Analysis21905021336
Assessment of Nutritional Status 21905021358
Food Services Planning31905021421
Clinical Nutrition for Children21905021443
Clinical Nutrition for Children / Practical11905021444
Medical Microbiology / Practical12005001242
Basic Medical Microbiology32005011241