Study plans

Course NameCredit hoursCourse Number
Principles of Management (1)3110205101
Principles of Finance3110205105
Object Oriented (1)3151001110
Object Oriented Lab (1)1151001111
Object Oriented (2)3151001212
Object Oriented Lab (2)1151001213
Visual Programming3151001214
Visual Programming Lab1151001215
Computer Networks3151001320
Wireless Networking & Mobile Application3151001421
Introduction to Database Systems3151002240
Introduction to Database Systems Lab1151002241
Programming of Internet Applications3151002310
Programming of Internet Applications Lab1151002311
Advanced Database Systems3151002342
Data Warehousing Technologies3151002350
Data Mining3151002351
Information Retrieval Systems3151002372
Information Systems Managment3151002374
System Analysis & Design3151002470
Information Systems Security3151002471
Practical Training3151002490
Applied Project (1)1151002492
Applied Project (2)2151002493
Principles Of Microeconomics31802051103
Principles Of Accounting (1)31802051106