strategic Plan

Main Headlines of the strategic plan 2020-2021

Training department
1.Caring out a number of training courses in different fields and topics.
2.Signing Cooperation Agreements to hold training programs with training centers and civil society institutions.
3.Implementation of training courses funded by international organizations and institutions.
4.Encouraging and attracting faculty and administrative staff to execute various training courses.
5.Reaching out to the largest possible number of official and private institutions in order to give them various training courses.
6.Establishing a team of students (friends of the center) to seek their opinion regarding the quality, prices and timing of the desired training courses, and give them Encouraging incentives.
7.Finding the specialization and effectiveness required to hold training courses and programs.
8.Developing a new website design to the center with a comprehensive approach.
9.Maintaining and evaluating the quality of the training programs organized by the center.

Department of Studies and Consultations
1.Expanding the provision of studies service to the local community.
2.Providing consultancy services to the public and private sectors.
3.Conducting laboratory tests for the public and private sectors.
4.Conducting strategic studies and consultations to serve the community.
5.Participation in the bids offered by the various sectors.
6.Participation in international bids for studies, consultations and laboratory tests.
7.Organizing local and international conferences.

Community Service Office
1.Spreading cognitive and societal awareness.
2.Community empowerment.
3.Signing of Cooperation Agreements with governmental institutions and civil society.
4.Attracting supportive bodies to establish scientific and business incubators.
5.Follow up on participation in the various national events.
6.Activating volunteer work for academics and university students.