Chairmans Message

As part of the its  endeavor to improve the administrative services provided to employees, the Hashemite University has been interested in developing and improving health insurance services provided to its employees and their families to motivate them, and raise the level of their affiliation.

Health insurance, in the simplest terms, is a contract   between a party and another institution in order to compensate them for a certain loss, and the idea of insurance at the Hashemite University is based on this principle.  Everyone who wants to obtain health insurance services is charged with a small amount of money in return for this service in accordance with the regulations and instructions at the Hashemite University.

The Health Insurance Department is pleased to provide these services to the employees as well as students. It coordinates with contracted parties outside the university through electronic portals and interactive pages that have been established in addition to the university's website. The department also welcomes any comments or inquiries through its website and is ready to take these suggestions into consideration.  

We welcome all visitors, including employees, students, and retirees (service recipients), in addition to all contracting parties (service providers) of all categories. 

May God protect you and your families from all evil.

Health Insurance director