Study plans

Course NameCredit hoursCourse Number
Energy and its Sources3110108104
Biotechnology and Society3110108113
Automobile Essentials3110108114
Computer Ethics3110108115
Health and Nutrients3110108130
Health Education and First Aid3110108131
Sport and Health3110108132
Applied Arabic Language3121601105
ِApplied English Language3121602102
Technical Translation3121602103
Spanish Language (1)3121603201
Ethics in Natural Science3140108134
Pharmaceutical Edification3140108166
Italian Language3141603101
Japanese Language ( Level 1 )3151603102
Reproductive Health3170108135
University Life of Student31714041101
Introduction to Psychcology31714041102
Family and Child Education31714041104
Citizenship and Human Rights31714041107
Islam Current Issues31714041110
Islamic Thought31714041111
Jerusalem : Histroy and Civilization31714041112
Citizenship and Human Rights31714041113
Histroy and Civilization of Jordan31714041114
Archaeology and Tourism31714041116
Economic and Management Science31714041120
Law and Ordering of Our Life31714041121
Principles of Sign Language31714041122
Humanistic Moral and Values Education31714041126
Conflict Resolution and Accept Others31714041127
Culutural Heritage in Jordan31714041128
Palestinian Cause31714041193
Arabic Language and Current Issues31714041194
Cyber Hygiene31804001128
Disability and Healthy Community31814041195
Selected Topics in National Trends31814041197
Education for Sustainable Development31814041198
Adjustment and Mental Health31814041199
Introduction to Education31814041200
Integrity Transperancy and anti - Corruption31914041130
Media Education31914042111
Italian Language (2)31916033201
ٌRussian Language (1)31916034101
ٌRussian Language (2)31916034102
Japanese (2)31916034201
Turkish Language (1)31916035101
Korean Language (1)31916036101
Korean Language(2)31916036102
German Language (1)31916037101
Chinese Language (1)31916038101
Polish Language (1)31916039101
Physical Culture32101081139
Development and Environment32201081140
digital culture32210031100